The Bullet Proof Vest GodSpeedScience™


1.  Also known as the Armor of God (aka the “Armor of the Mind” or “Garment of Light”). Spoken of in the “Exit Wounds Lit”, wearing the”Bullet Proof Vest of God” means that you don’t allow the energy of “Agents of Chaos” or any negative energy to enter the body at will. Therefore we have “No Exit Wounds” because there were no entry wounds…

2. The art of not taking in negative energy whatsoever.  The Indians smoked weed to absorb their surroundings. Now imagine niggas smoking weed to absorb THEIR surroundings of chaos.  Death by inhaling…

3. To not give the illusion any negative power.  For if it cannot feed it will surely die…

4. To mummify the body’s frozen emotions. Only accepting thoughts that are of your higher self.

5. To become unmoved by foreign mind frequencies, also known as mind over matter… Clear the…

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