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Note: The UV IXCHANGE at its very core is designed to safeguard your value and data and give you control of it all.  Any use you decide to share your data, requires an accommodation agreement with those you share it, so they legally cannot “OWN” your data or being without bearing the consequences of doing so.  This inverts the pyramid of control that has existed on this planet for eons.  
Caleb’s Project XIII will have features that enable the use of this value in a format similar to Facebook without the pervasive invasion of privacy, contacts, network,  personal data, browsing habits, political and/or religious beliefs, and personal photos now found on Facebook.  Project XIII is but one tool of many that will emerge over time.  It combines features of the UCC, Facebook, and your personal Universal Value exchange.  -AK

On 4/18/13, at ‎9‎:‎23‎ ‎PM D, Brian, whoever wants…

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Streets of Love - unconventional

Todays Message from Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf:

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Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf: I UV Exchange “All Launch May” !

April 29, 2013 I M Power – No Comments – I UV

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf:  I UV Exchange “All Launch May” ! Image Skype message from Heather to Linda for all to See Monday April 29, 2013

[4/29/13 6:40:29 AM] Heather : On 4/29/13, at 6:36 AM, Linda (Rays of Sunshine) wrote: D, Brian, whoever wants to answer……I have to ask something that has been on my mind. Back at the end of March it was said that “replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented next week” and that was a month ago. Can anyone in the ‘know’ address this?


Heather: I/UV lawful and legal structure was implemented that next week…BE’ing and DO’ing ARE the I/UV Exchange Absolute Tech….we just amped it up and Caleb made a bridge…

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Streets of Love - unconventional

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People’s Trust Saskatoon


All the people involved in the One People (formerly OPPT) are very transparent as. All Absolute Data is released as soon as possible.There might be some people that try to say all kinds of things about it, like it is a CULT, Illuminati etc. Some of these are not informed as it can be plainly seen in the way they try to pick it apart without full knowledge of what the trustees have done. They try to put doubt in peoples MINDS (where the programing is) But they can’t fool the eternal heart!

 I will tell you what resonates with me! Right from the very first conversation Between Brian & Heather, I knew that this was it! I FELT IT IN MY HEART. Ever follow your intuition (Higher self! Source self) Your eternal heart is telling you this is it!! I have followed…

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Satu Insan - Malaysia


1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40


Our Friends,

Those who are able to establish their Essence Coordinates by the Triangle of Intellect – Logic – Awareness, also attain the ability to do Consciously the most perfect of everything. In Sacred Books this is called,”the Unity of the Intellect and the Heart” which is not something that can be attained easily. In order to attain this, one has to cross numerous Bridges, to jump over hoops of Fire and to tread the Soil of the World many times. By this means, one Defies the Influence of the Years. The very Person who has -reached this Stage is, for Us, a “Genuine Human Being”. All the efforts made in order to Unite all Realms are operations made for Integrated Consciousnesses to be able to come together. We bring the Voice and the Breath of Universes to You who will…

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Listen to God!

New Age Insights for Christians

Do you want to talk to God?  Then talk!  Do you want to hear God’s word?  Then LISTEN! God loves you DEARLY!  You don’t need to go to a building with a cross upon its door to listen to a man on a stage who has been appointed by another man to a title that declares him to be closer to God than you!  Is that the way to hear God’s Word?  That is man’s word.  No one is any closer to God than you!  Every being in Creator’s universe are ALL EQUAL, including you!  You have always been told that this is the only way to hear God’s word.  They told you that you were a sinner, unworthy of direct contact with God.  God is the Creator who created all things!  And God created YOU!

Does it make sense that we constantly talk AT God (ie. praying) and then NEVER…

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