How To Stop Chasing Your Pain

Our Voice Our Generation Our Truth

The message is,

“Stop chasing “WHO’s” leaving you, when there is already “SOMEONE” who’s reaching for you.” – MansTruth
This is the cause of your pain.

We have to start singing the same song to our pain that we sing when it rains. “Pain pain, go away, don’t come back another day!” Then follow it up with a Jay melody, “We don’t need you! You mean no equal!” Why are we trying to equalize ourselves with the things that hurt us, and then disturbingly question the pain?
We see the rain, yet we still go outside with no umbrella! Why? Why is it that when we know that we must protect ourselves, we don’t? We go for it anyway. Now, I am all down for taking risks, but there is a thin line between sky diving with a parachute, and sky diving with just the belief that you could fly.️…

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