Judgement Or Love?

The Creator Writings

Do not allow yourself to become so jaded that you forget to see the person.  What your brain labels a delinquent, a drug user, a thief or any number of negative things is just a human underneath.  Each of you had your own path to walk and you do not know their circumstances, why they do what they do or how they are surviving in this moment. 

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can’t say that ya’ll ain’t been warned…but niggaz don’t listen…


Mac Dre – Pawns in the game (1992)

I did 5 years in the pen the whole time I was in
I stayed soaking up game and steady pushing my pen
I read about shit I never knew existed
Before I went to jail I had the whole thing twisted
But now I know and I’m finna expose
What really goes on behind closed doors
Them devils got a plot that’ll shock the nation
To control black power and population
Snake mother****as been running the game
That all started off with crack cocaine
They flooded neighborhoods where the black folks dwell
And got everybody using and trying to sell
When drug dealing increased then the killings increased
Then more young black brothers came up deceased
Senseless violence invaded the streets
They had us killing each other but we couldn’t peep
We was pawns in the game that the fools created

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4 Things To Reduce Chronic Pain

Ascent Physical Therapy

Earlier this summer we covered some of the ways pain and especially chronic pain works.  Of course the question begs, “OK so…What do I do about it?”

To review, in chronic pain situations what can happen is the nervous system gets sensitized.  An initial injury damages tissues, as a protective response, the brain sensitizes this area to guard it as it heals.  In some people even as the tissue heals, the nervous system continues to stay sensitized or even becomes more sensitized.  With this situation even normal movement can become painful reinforcing a situation of reducing function and continuing or increasing pain.  So we have tissues that may be healed properly, and are perfectly safe to move, but because the nervous system is sensitized, pain continues to be produced.

Research has shown that a number of things can reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system.  None of these are easy…

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“Europe” = West Asia?

knowledge of self

“Geographically, Europe is a tail to the Asiatic kite.” [1]

The word “Europe” derives from the roots ”eur-” + “op-” meaning “broad-faced”.

Why do people call the western portion of Asia “Europe”?

It’s not a continent.

South Asia is bigger, and has more people, ethnicities and languages, and it’s not considered a continent. The same goes for Southeast Asia, which is also not considered a continent. The same goes for China, and it’s only considered a country!

Nearly every West Asian language has its roots in another part of Asia.

Nearly every West Asian religion was founded in another part of Asia.

So why should West Asia be called “Europe” and classified as a continent?

Don’t tell me it’s because “Europeans” are white. First of all, nobody is white, or black. Have you ever seen a person the color of either of these hands?

black and white

In fact, there is no skin…

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ZeroHedge ~ The Subtle Slavery of Obamacare

Laura Bruno's Blog

I’m posting a link to a long explanation of Obamacare from someone who used to sell “health” insurance. I love the author’s pen name, “Cognitive Dissonance,” because that state more than anything is what has allowed the insanity to proceed thus far. Anyway, it’s a long article with actual numbers and insights into the ACA. The author concludes by saying he doesn’t know what to do about it. I don’t have a full on solution, either, but I recently found a seemingly good solution for myself, which I will share here. Perhaps it will help someone reading this. My story is a literal fairytale, which includes the FSOA. (No, that’s not a health code or government agency. It’s what my friend Mitch has affectionately dubbed the “Faery Seal of Approval”). If you prefer to skip my story but want to read the article, you can just click here.


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Three Days of Darkness and Time Out of Time

Laura Bruno's Blog

This will be a quick post, because I’m busy with people having meltdowns. Just thought I’d share that yes, the energies are intense right now. People I know who have done their Shadow Work are thriving. People who haven’t or who have only partially faced their Shadow seem to be struggling almost to the point of breaking right now.

That old prophecy about “Three Days of Darkness” may actually be upon us, though not in the ways most people interpreted it. Simply put, with the alignment of the Winter Solstice, the New Moon, and a long Void of Course Moon on Solstice, we experienced in the Northern Hemisphere an unusually dark night. For many, this felt like an unusually Dark Night of the Soul, and I’ve heard from numerous panicked people the last two days wondering why the Light hasn’t returned yet or why their New Moon intentions haven’t shown…

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What is Clairscent and how does it effect you?

Living my life as a Empath.

What is Clairscent (clear smelling) To smell a fragrance / odor of substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings.These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time & space..

Well as for me mines is off the chain and I am able to smell near and far,just like dogs have the ability to smell we have that same trait,but how theres works they can smell death and smell other beings,for instance I was walking down the street one day and a dog started barking at me for no reason whatsoever,I wasn’t trying to hurt the animal or anything of that nature,but just a few days prior I heard someone say that the foods we eat dogs can smell it on us through our pores well i had been eating a lot of meat that week,and it may affect him…

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