4 Things To Reduce Chronic Pain

Ascent Physical Therapy

Earlier this summer we covered some of the ways pain and especially chronic pain works.  Of course the question begs, “OK so…What do I do about it?”

To review, in chronic pain situations what can happen is the nervous system gets sensitized.  An initial injury damages tissues, as a protective response, the brain sensitizes this area to guard it as it heals.  In some people even as the tissue heals, the nervous system continues to stay sensitized or even becomes more sensitized.  With this situation even normal movement can become painful reinforcing a situation of reducing function and continuing or increasing pain.  So we have tissues that may be healed properly, and are perfectly safe to move, but because the nervous system is sensitized, pain continues to be produced.

Research has shown that a number of things can reduce the sensitivity of the nervous system.  None of these are easy…

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