The myth of the limited solution


Jon Rappoport's Blog

The myth of the limited solution

by Jon Rappoport

October 17, 2013

From a certain angle, history could be called the sum of succeeding limited solutions to basic problems. The result is a pile and a mess, which appears to have no exit, except more limited solutions.

On and on it goes.

You hear people say, “WELL, UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES, the only thing we can do now is X.”

In other words, things are so far gone, so muddled, there can be no going back to the original basic problem. There can be no working on the basic problem. The basic problem is buried so deep, it can’t be retrieved and resolved.

Imagine a nation whose people, over the course of a few hundred years, have undergone a vast reduction in intelligence. At this point, a small group asserts, “If we few, who have somehow retained our IQ, want…

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