New tool lets you visualize just about anything in 5 minutes (maybe less)



There’s a new web tool called Raw that makes it really easy to do some advanced visualizations on data in just a few minutes. (Hat tip to Nathan Yau of FlowingData for pointing it out.) The way it works is pretty simple: You paste data from a table (this can be a spreadsheet or even a web page), choose from a handful of visualization types (Raw explains what each one is best for) and then drag the variables you want to analyze into the predefined mapping categories (as you can see below, it’s really self-explanatory). Then you download it as a vector, PNG or JSON file and do with it what you will.

raw screen

The only drawbacks I found are that the charts can get a little crowded, data points cross the outer border and get cut off, and if there’s a way to label the axes, I can’t figure…

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