Reality Exists Outside Of Words, Numbers, And Symbols.



We must all remember at all times that reality exists outside of these words, numbers, and symbols that many see here in the 3rd dimension. There is sooooo much more beyond the english language. Think about it, english is to my knowledge like the last language. I hope you don’t think that all those languages and cultural differences just transferred over smoothly without any issues. If you do, I respect your opinion, but based on human error and people being divided throughout much of language altering history, where many lies and deceitful acts took place due to the ego and the illusion of separation, I don’t think so. If we want to learn anything about nature/life/ our universe, then we must decode the words. When I say decode the words, i’m talking, especially the earliest languages where civilizations were building, and lived in great peace and harmony. Why wouldn’t we…

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