Ego Traps On The Way To Ascension

Deus Nexus

Reposted from: Revealing the Light,  By John McIntosh

When, at some level of Consciousness – usually unconscious in the beginning – you choose to make the ‘great turn’ toward the Light of Truth … the split mind ego becomes very alert to the danger that its hold on your attention will soon fall.

It will no longer come through the front door and dons many subtle disguises that mask its false identity as that of Light Bearer. Extreme vigilance or ruthlessness with yourself is required to detect these masquerades.

Words like humility and service, saving the world, tolerance and forgiveness hold the hidden and subtle suggestion of superiority … separation masked as higher knowing

The Enlightened never speak of ‘saving’ anything … They know nothing was ever or could ever be lost … only veiled. They are Aware that they Are and have always been God – individuated…

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