Grow A Pair

Adask's law

Government would have us believe that it’s a vital, necessary and beneficial institution that’s always “here to help us”.  We’re expected to trust all governmental institutions as benign, even when government spies on us or manages the economy in ways that seem incomprehensible.

But is today’s government truly our benefactor?  Or, as George Washington once observed, is all government “like fire—a dangerous servant or a fearful master”?

I agree with Washington.  Government is, at best, a “dangerous servant”.  I see the relationship between most people and their government as adversarial rather than beneficial.  In fact, I regard government—not just our own, but every government in the world—as the principle enemy of their nation’s people.

It doesn’t take intelligence to see this truth.  It takes courage.

We don’t want to see our government as our enemy.  We want to believe government’s various slogans and claims of beneficence.  For example, when…

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