July 7th Update: Getting it all Perfect

What in the world is going on?

This update from D at Removing the Shackles with all that is going on in Morocco. Much happening & to come. KS
Good morning (or good night as the case may be!) to everyone!!

My Skype is flooded, and now not updating again. My email account is overflowing- I’m almost a week behind again, sorry folks- have patience, I’m trying to wade through them all! To try and make things marginally easier for me, I’m posting this update here to try and answer as many questions as possible, and perhaps even C&P some of my skype conversations as well.

First off, the biggest question everyone is asking over and over:

“Are the documents/templates done yet!!???”

Right off the top I want to apologize to everyone for my own actions. I pushed Heather to put a “date” on the launch of the docs/templates. I really pushed her to have them…

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