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Big Brother is watching you throughout the United States and the World



60 Years of bullshit and internal terrorism

We have your home secured – literally!!

Tomorrow the world

detective (1)

We have already got you covered via Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Skype, AOL, Apple, Youtube and PalTalk


By the time you have read this article most of its contents would have already been put in place or about to be implemented


The question remains will all you sheeples allow it to happen or continue to watch your favorite TV programme?


Templar 1


“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few”


Insect 2

Who Knows maybe these robots may be able to spread Malaria and other nasty diseases around the world or infect selective targets, which would be even more logical for these evil minded shills !!!

Insect 1


They are currently working on a robotic bird for the USAF………….”Don’t worry folks…

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