The sphinx speaks oneness has never left and will never leave

…all is always within you…

Satu Insan - Malaysia


The sphinx speaks oneness has never left and will never leave
sphinxThis is something you recognize yet not always feel as the human body and mind are in a way still separated from any real experience within the spiritual reality through the human reality.

What we mean by this is that many do have spiritual experiences that are coming in through the human reality in a way that is explained through the human reality.

When all have different experiences within the spiritual reality, which one is real, or are they all real.

Does this mean that what each one experiences within the human reality is real as well.

The oneness is seen by many as the oneness with all that is out there, but many forget that the actual oneness is contained within your own being and this includes your human body.

The human body is supported…

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