The One People – formerly The OPPT (One Peoples Public Trust)

/s/ I Au Matu

What in the world is going on?

bernanke-foreclosed-jpg_51319_20130304-601OK, here we go one more time. If you are new to this blog this movement is one of the prime reasons I do this work. If you already know about this then that’s great. I am going to keep plugging this one until we bring it home as it sooooo very much needs to brought home. The simple version of this goes…..
Back in December 2012 all Corporations & Govt’s were foreclosed upon by a group of individuals, Trustees, who filed a case against The UCC (Universal Commercial Code) which was unrebutted thereby making it of legal standing. Now no Banks, Govt’s or Corporations have any legal standing over us…..WE ARE FREE. Think about it. No debt, no ridiculous rules & bureaucracy locking us into a cycle of slavery going nowhere. Really !! Don’t sit around waiting for this to hit The 6 O’Clock News, they own the 6…

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