Simon Black – The Most Important Part of Self-Reliance… It’s Not What You Think It Is

What in the world is going on?

This comes from Simon Black. I signed up for his emails so if you like what you read then do the same. KS
Yesterday we began a series of articles covering what I think is the most important issue we face. If you missed it, I encourage you to read yesterday’s email with the subject line: “Turmoil Coming: How to Survive and Thrive…”

The Old System is Gone Forever…

We have entered what I call the Age of Turmoil, a time that is marked by rapid change and fluctuating crises. The old system of debt and consumption that gave us great salaries, generous benefits, stock market and housing appreciation, and a high standard of living is gone forever.

What’s happening right now is a major sea change: the game is being reset, and the rules are being rewritten.

I’m not being pessimistic, and this is not a cause for…

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