Angelina’s Breasts – both men & woman read this to the end.

almost didn’t want to bother with this subject…yet, this is THE Best perspective I’ve seen on it! Enjoy!

What in the world is going on?

OK, this is all I am going to say on this matter. My first thought when I heard, & the scary thing here is I don’t track any mainstream media (RT if you could call that mainstream) & it still got to me, was what the ****! I am on the same school of thought about disease….dis-ease… Markus Rothkranz so when he emailed this out I thought I’d pass it on. That’s it, that’s all the attention I am paying it. KS
All kinds of people have been emailing me to comment on Angelina Jolie getting her breasts removed so she won’t get breast cancer in the future. This is the most insane sad thing I have heard in a long time. When one of the most beautiful women in the world has her breasts removed as a preventative measure, it’s definitely time to speak up. The time has come…

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