Fast food workers walk off job, protest for higher wages

Small start, might not get results, but still a sign that people are waking up to being (institutionally) played…

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MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Several dozens of fast food workers walked off the job on Wednesday, May 15th, demanding higher wages. They say they cannot live off of what they are making, and say corporation profits are big enough to share.

Workers who demonstrated on Wednesday say they want more money, more benefits and the opportunity to form a union.

The rally in Milwaukee Wednesday came on the heels of similar protests in St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and New York.

These fast food workers are calling for wages of $15 an hour. They say most fast food workers currently make a little more than $7.

“$7.25? That’s basically a little bit of food and the cheapest house that I can find, and I’m struggling with that. You know what I’m saying?  Nobody can make it off that,” DeAngelo Coleman said.

These workers also want better benefits, and the…

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