The Criminalization of Poverty…the Illuminati are all Judges, Politicians and Bankers using Unrebutted Statutes Against Us

What in the world is going on?

Adam Yates March 26, 2013

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Lawyers are so expensive that Governments win their Court cases by your poverty (Unlawful).

New Statutes and precedents are set in this way for the benefit of those claiming ownership of you by a design copyrighted berth certificate. You are a vessel of funding to the design owners (Courts) therefore under Jurisdiction or Administration of all three forms of statute legislation, they being the designers…the paper statutes are not designers (which pre supposes a proponent with power of voice) and cannot own anything. Statutes are written words (statutes of any law systems have no power in Court unless consented to).
Baptized (under Ecclesiastical), registered (under Crown/Federal) and owned by NI/SSN (under Copyright)
Courts create Laws by voice. Governments create Legislative Statutes to control Law. You hold Authority in Court as Sovereign.
Lawyers are so expensive that Governments win Court cases by your…

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