US Govt Using Quantum Internet & Double Slit Experiment

2012 The Awakening

Note: The One People trustees have their Wizards of Technology working on a new internet to be launched by the end of May 2013, one that can’t be hacked for harvesting and manipulating information. So, this is very interesting information…indeed!

The US government has been running a quantum Internet for over two years
May 10, 2013

In order to be able to understand quantum physics, I added the “double slit experiment” YouTube video to the end of this post. Shows how simple observation effects the outcome of a process or an experiment. From a higher perspective this is proof that human consciousness shapes and molds the reality around and within us. Fascinating stuff! ~BK

It’s a perfectly secure Internet that by definition cannot be penetrated by wiretaps and eavesdropping — and the US government has been sitting on it for the last two-and-a-half years.

A longtime goal among cryptologists…

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