Benghazi: The Shiny Object Distracting Us from Elizabeth Warren

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Reblogged from Exopermaculture   May 10, 2013

For important news: pay attention to Elizabeth Warren; rip your eyes away from the latest political/violent-whodunit-and-why spectacle of Benghazi.

I’d say that the Ohio Kidnapping and Hostage situation may also be a Wag the Dog distraction. Not that it didn’t happen, and isn’t real. But that this sordid scene was timed to be exposed, now. And, too, I wonder: were the three girls actually captives in some kind of mind control program, with their handler the poor sap who owns the house? For black ops mind control programs, see Fred Burks site, And more: the awful sexual predation exposed in both the Ohio story and Benghazi could be more “in plain sight” deception leading to the usual gladiator show: showing writ small for ravenous public consumption what the big guys are actually up to. See Stuart Wilde.

By the way, if…

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