A JOB is a job…? GET RID of it.


Bingo! The light bulb went on this morning as I listened to my neighbors start their cars for the commute to their respective hamster wheels.  I luxuriated in bed for a short while as I AM retired and gloriously out of that system creating abundance.  I AM finding my value exchange in other miraculous ways.Hamster on Wheel

Why aren’t MSM,  banks, gubamint agencies, courts, law enforcement, debt collectors, alphabet soup UN minions getting it? Is it because they are all foreclosed clueless corporations? Yup.

Why aren’t YOU getting it?

Is it because you are a corporation too? Sort of, you are an asset of that system.

You are property. Your value is your labor. What does that mean? Are you willing to read and pay attention to this message? Here it goes.

YOU STILL THINK IN TERMS OF a …….JOB.  It is still in your vocabulary.

Get it out of your vocabulary…

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