The Way You Do Anything… Is The Way You Do Everything

Thought Catalog

Whenever I meet a new person, I imagine them as a five-year-old. This isn’t some salesman’s secret. I don’t do this for a sense of power or to calm me down the way picturing an audience naked works for a public speaker. When you see the five-year-old version of someone it helps you get a sense of who they are on the inside, beyond their social cues of clothing, haircut, shoes, jewelry, purse, etc. You can hone in on that kid hiding inside their adult skin. It’s like seeing the best part of every person you meet. Your inner five-year-old is the dreaming and hopeful child who basically understands the world yet can only imagine adult life, and is the one clearly articulating your core values, voicing how you think and believe a person should behave; the kid holds the values you started out with before compromise and experience entered…

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