Message from Ginger… “My Comments & Poof 5-5-13 ‘What a Week'”

…release eXpectations, and ye shall Know the Truth…

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Ginger emailed this to her Kona Occupy Disclosure OPPT-IN group, and gave me the okay to post it here. I felt it fit right in with the Poof message.


My Comments & Poof 5-5-13 “What a Week”

This feels such a pivotal Singularity moment!

Some of you may have already seen this via KP, or now “Brad’s”, post just now. And I am forwarding it on to you in how it fits with all of the things reportedly having happened last week (i.e. – suddenly some criminal folks being arrested) . . . and combined with what I have just noticed posted by D (RTS) and Heather in the OP chat rooms yesterday & today that are not completely clear to me and most of us (but “all good!”) . . . as well as my just having a very interesting phone conversation with someone today, who…

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