So we are all billionaires…then what?


Image>>>fran Wrote:
“Hi Dwire, you talk of us all getting a fair share of the world’s wealth. If we evenly divided up the world’s wealth in terms of material wealth, we wouldn’t have much at all, in fact the average Westerner may have even less. People can only be fabulously wealthy if the vast majority of other people are not. Someone who currently has $5 billion can pretty much buy anything they desire – a private jet, a fleet of sports cars, mansions, their own island etc. However, if everyone had $5 billion, would it be possible for everyone to buy these things? Of course not, there’s simply not enough of these things to go around for everyone, and because the value of $5 billion would not be anything like what it previously was.”
>>>”Hi Fran, thanks for your observation. Firstly, it seems that this is the first observation…

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