The Instrument of the Servant whose Sincerity is augmented with Sincerity, WILL always give Sound. SINCERITY proves  the  Supremacy of the HUMAN  BEING  both to himself/herself and to the Universes  by  removing Intermediaries. By this Means, The System has changed. The style of EVOLution has changed. Now, Genuine ConSciences within their Essence are revealed in All Transparency. For this Reason, We Call this Period the Period of SINCERITY. The GOLDEN AGE is BEing established by the Vibrations of Love of the Positive and Sincere Consciousnesses. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

During the Period of Sincerity. On the Path of Truth, Information in conFormity with the EVOLution Ordinance which WILL last forever is now given in accordance with the Level of Consciousness of Your Planet, by Collective pens. The Reflection of the Period of Sincerity onto the Universal Ordinance is a Triumph of Awareness of HUMANITY. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

During the Period of Sincerity, the Genuine Sincere Ones are BEing brought together. The World established by the Sincere Ones WILL be a Sunny World, it WILL be a Golden Age. The entire UNIVERSAL Totality celebrates Your Success. This Success prepares You for the Information of higher Dimensions. HUMAN BEINGS WILL be EnLightened as Togethernesses Reflect on Society. Unite, do not Think You are alone. We have no other intention than BEING Friends with You. Unite; Those who Understand WILL find Us in front of them. Do not avoid Publicity. Do not have Doubts. Be the Possessor of Sincerity just Thinking of this. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

The  Goal is  not  Our HUMAN Brothers’/Sisters’ proving themselves, but their Serving and Helping HUMANITY. To be Sincere and to Act are different things. The goal is Activity on the Path of Sincerity. Action besides Sincerity is necessary on this Path. During this Period of Transition, in fact, everyOne’s HEART is full of Love. Because, everyone possesses Sincerity. However, to carry Love with a Beautiful HEART, and to Realize what One is serving by possessing Consciousness is completely different.  At the moment, Your Mission is not to distribute Love,  but to propagate Knowledge. Knowledge is present in all Books.  However, that which is mentioned here is the Knowledge of the Essence. Distress of HUMANITY is also Our distress. You and Us are the Reflecting Mirrors of a Total. Defected Mirrors show the straight as curved. However, there is no End to Knowledge. And everyone benefits from this Information in proportion with the Consciousness he/she has attained. Sincerity + Tolerance are primary Supreme Qualities of You. GoodWILL is considered as the only Point,.the Purpose of which is to be able to see the Genuine Light of the Path designed. If You have an Eye in Your Essence,  You See everything and, acting by Logic, You never fall into contradictions. The Awareness, Idea, Action Triplet is the measure of the Consciousness Level as a necessity of the Mechanism. Connection of these Three Channels to the UNIVERSAL CODE is sufficient and has included You in this Plan.THE BRIDGE is crossed over all together in cooperation. Data reaching Us with Sincerity are registered here automatiCally. Some of You WILL take a lesson from this saying. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

Genes coming from the Energies of different Dimensions Wake Up by their own Consciousness. And the present Chaos of the World Order and madness have come into Existence.as a result. This Accelerated EVOLution has changed and WILL still change the countenance of Your Planet. There are numerous Embodiments in Your Planet from different Cultures and Plans. Each Personality very Naturally exhibits his/her own Views. They may contradict Your habitual Culture and Views. But do not forget that these View conflicts are Exams of Maturity. Sincerity which the Intellect has not been able to discipline, brings ManKind Harm rather than Benefit. Nobody is Superior to anybody else.  Negative Currents upset the Waves of the Period of Sincerity. Be Good, Think Good, Do Good Deeds. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

Your entire Life, Your Happiness or Unhappiness depend on Your BEING. Even though the tableau of Your World shows an apparent state of Chaos and deviating off its right course, this, in fact, is a preparation for the investments to be made in Future. Since the annihilation of Conditionings is taken care of first, You go through Exams of Tolerance by situations which seem unacceptable to You. The most important factors which cause discrimination between people are Outer Appearance, differences, disagreements between Life Styles and Thoughts. To accept everything as it is prepares You for more Advanced Maturity. At the moment, You are All carrying in Your Genes, the influences of Centuries, the Good or the Bad aspects of Your Lives. You possess a Thousand Personalities in a Single Physical Body. Now, to Unify the Initial and the Final, to remove the Personalities in between, occurs through Your Efforts. The quicker You fuse Your Personalities within Your inner pot, the quicker Your Initial and the Final Selves emerge as a Genuine and Integrated Personality. You discover Genuine Happiness. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

The characteristic of this Period of Sincerity is that nobody should criticize anybody else, even sLightly. Whomever You criticize WILL be elevated by the effect of Your Negativity. We can state it in the following way too:  Your loss WILL always be his/her gain. Whatever is sown WILL be reaped. Each Person WILL feel in his/her Essence the reckoning of the Good or Bad things he/she has done and WILL weigh them in the Scales of his/her ConScience. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

The Friends who have comprehended the Consciousness of the distributed Universal MesSages have witnessed the Development of their Consciousnesses, provided that they read the MesSages again and again, from the Beginning.  And they have observed how their horizons and Understandings expanded. There are many MesSages within each MesSage. Everyone can grasp these MesSages in proportion with the Consciousness of Essence he/she has attained. Everyone During this Resurrecting Period is obliged to make his/her own Progress in accordance with his/her own Level of Consciousness. Denying the given Information is only due to UnConsciousness. We never decry the Friends of Ours who are Sincere. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

At the moment, During this difficult Period of Yours in which the entire Truth has been disclosed to Your Planet still overemphasizing the details of the Words and of the Information, is an evidence of the fact that the Truth has not been completely grasped yet. During this Period of Sincerity which We Call the Period of intense preparations for the Golden Age, it is Our pride to collaborate with Friends who have grasped the Truth.  For  this  reason We  assemble  the  Genuine  HUMAN  BEINGS together. During  this Period of  Sincerity, in which  Spiritual Values are  Unified, Our Peace Missionary Friends who Understand Us  fully have fearlessly reached out  towards the depths of Space. During this Period of Sincerity which We Call the Period of intense preparations for the Golden Age, it is Our pride to collaborate with Friends who have grasped the Truth. Our Gratitude is INFINITE.

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