Satu Insan - Malaysia


1990 Fourth Month Fascicule 40


Our Friends,

Those who are able to establish their Essence Coordinates by the Triangle of Intellect – Logic – Awareness, also attain the ability to do Consciously the most perfect of everything. In Sacred Books this is called,”the Unity of the Intellect and the Heart” which is not something that can be attained easily. In order to attain this, one has to cross numerous Bridges, to jump over hoops of Fire and to tread the Soil of the World many times. By this means, one Defies the Influence of the Years. The very Person who has -reached this Stage is, for Us, a “Genuine Human Being”. All the efforts made in order to Unite all Realms are operations made for Integrated Consciousnesses to be able to come together. We bring the Voice and the Breath of Universes to You who will…

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