If you disturb the ‘peace’ , i will hang you.

Satu Insan - Malaysia


If you disturb the ‘peace’ , i will hang you.

hilarionIn this way , control  and partial shaping of how much change occurs is affected and effected.

To believe that you are receiving the latest and greatest might not always be true,

as some of the most powerful expressions jolting change can be controlled out of the system,

and  you might never see it, rather you will see acceptable versions under, within  certain power

levels will you see.

You see, too much power promoting too much change…can disturb ‘the peace’.

What happens is that if the frequencies and realities exceed the range of ‘comfort, personal and

spiritual’ , there can emerge a strong desire to ‘get in the way’,

and in this way there is an insidious movement to control content to the public in this way.

This is part of the control system indeed.

Lightworker designations do…

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