To withhold forgiveness is like embracing cancer

Johnsmallman's Blog

In the spiritual realms much has been transpiring as the new energies enveloping Earth have strengthened and intensified to assist in humanity’s imminent awakening.  Yes, it is imminent!  Much has been promised to you, and the moment for delivery is approaching rapidly.  Nevertheless there is much to do to complete the essential preparations prior to the arrival of this divine and long-awaited event, and every one of you has an important part to play.  It is largely about releasing judgment and embracing forgiveness, especially as your awareness of the misbehavior and betrayal perpetrated by those whom you have trusted grows in direct proportion to the number of whistle-blowers releasing previously hidden information about deceit and corruption in high places, and abuse of their positions by those holding them.

What has been done, in many cases, is quite unconscionable, but you are all divine beings, created in Love from Love, and…

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