RTS – Deryl Zeleny Interview with Chris Hales – Transcription

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Excellent interview!  I pulled the following discussion around the fraudulent activities of the banks in making purported loans to their customers.  It something we all need to understand if we’re going to free our self from financial slavery. Stand up for truth when the truth is known, even if it’s hard for you to do.  The fear will leave when you realize you have absolute data.

Make sure you listen to the interview or read the entire transcription.

Deryl Zeleny’s Campaign Against Legal and Financial Corruption in Canada
An Interview with Chris Hales

April, 2013


Chris: The fact that they also refused to acknowledge the fact that the loan itself, regardless of the monetization of your signature on the loan application, that the loan itself is actually a fraudulent loan. It’s not actually a loan.
Deryl: It’s not a loan. It’s created X’s…

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